Tuesday, April 20, 2004


This morning I was talking to my wife (who happens to be the famed "5th Element" spoken of in Hollywood lore) about the profound aspect of how our children are such amazing human beings. And, at the very worst, they are the strongest motivation to prosper!

Because the very worst case scenario - blinding poverty (one that modern society has turned into a religious reason NOT to have children - or at least not to have many children) - leaves her and I with the grandest inspiration and challenge to provide materially for their needs with our whole soul and strength!

And that's from the perspective of an atheist!!! The God of the Bible actually gives specific challenges and blessings for the "fruitful of womb!"

This society is so sick that we generally don't bat an eye over the 80+ MILLION children that are sacrificed to economic and social convenience.

And yet, children are SUCH AMAZING LITTLE PEOPLE!!! We can fill them with our dreams and visions... and then watch them grow those seeds into something completely unique, but somehow, myseriously, a hybrid of our own ideals and desires for a better world.