Thursday, February 24, 2005

Taking Notes

I happened to have been offered a framing job with some friends of mine for a few weeks. Framing is my new "fallback" skill. It used to be secretary/office-assistant work, but I'm SO over that! Get me in the sun building things and I'll be quite happy. You can HAVE those office politics... eeeewwww!

So, anyways, because I can't stand office politics and I happened to be out and about doing this framing gig, I was privileged to be in the right place at the right time on the way home. Some other friend's of mine have an website gig (Cities Unlimited) and I saw yet another friend's car in front of their house (an office-in-a-house house, that is) and I thought... "Hm... maybe I should go in and see if there's anything of note."

Note-taking note, that is.

And what an AWESOME conversation that was! It's so exciting to see 2 people spark together in the realm of internet marketing! How cool that was. Took alot of notes, too!

I actually believe that being in the right time at the right place (did I say that right?) happens every day all the time... in varying degrees and for different reasons. We walk (sleepwalk?) through our lives which are a beautiful tapestry of interacting people and opportunities. But RARELY do we see it! And when we do see it, it's also rare that we invest our moments in our "soul-bank." We don't take note of the phenomenon.

Ever notice how children FIXATE on fun little thoughts? "Buzz Lightyear! To the Rescue!" And they'll say something like that over and over, weaving it into various other imagined scenarios until ... well, until they drop, usually! That practice is what I'm talking about... only on a more ... adult scale.

Me, I'm 41. And I'm just beginning to take notes.

Although I am still selective. I don't watch everything within 100 feet of me (like some control-freaks do). I'm just about handling the person inside my skin (his peace, his connection with God) and the person or people God has put in front of me.

And, uh... That's it.

And sometimes the people in front of me are obviously NOT placed there to receive my peace! So I look the other way.

But I try to take notes from that perspective... and to groove on the things that sing. And I'm not talking about resonating with any Rolling-Stone/Vogue prejudice - that's plain ol' materialistic HOGWASH. I'm referring, rather, to looking at the soul of the person through the lenses of God's grace.

And a lot of times, the angels get involved! There might not even be people around and stuff is just plain SINGIN!

That's another good time to take note.