Saturday, March 26, 2005

Scratching the Surface of the Tip of the Fireberg

We who worship God, the Maker of the Universe, Holder of the Atom, King of the Jews, are upset sometimes. It's a subtle discomfort usually and it stems from not experiencing in the gatherings of our peers in belief the MASSIVE FIRE AND POWER AND WISDOM AND ETERNITY that we KNOW is due our God! We know within ourselves that we're only scratching the surface of the depths and passion of our God.

Heart of Worship . com is a website that grapples with this question... and apparently it's going away in 3 weeks! (Today's March 26, 2005) It's one of those strange Christian phenomenon that strikes deep in the less-than-casual observer of the faith. It's a gathering of believers who THIRST for the streams of life that flow from the heart of the Creator! These chaps (mostly from England) are INTENSE about their craft (music) and about WHO it is they're seeking.

May we all dig deeper for the Truth and His True One, Yeshua (Jesus), the Moshiach (Messiah) from Israel. He is wanting us to see Him as the King of the Jews again, I believe. We TRY SO HARD to ignore Israel and those "pesky" Jews! But Jesus is saying to us now (and has spoken in the written testaments of the Holy Bible for millenia!) that His heart is focused on Jerusalem! If we could look into that "pandora's box" of sorts and understand some of the positive, passionate fire of God for His "Zion" - His plan for the world (it's not a bad one, actually. Only the little hitlers would have you think it was!)... we would be so stunned, absorbed by and amazed with His loving foresight and wisdom!

In a world stunned with perversity and terror, there is one book which outshines all books but, alas, remains the most unread and most hated. That is so odd. This book will reveal a Maker and Savior who will change your world most radicly and save our planet from our self-destructiveness...

Worship only Him... and delve into the depths of His firey heart!