Sunday, April 24, 2005

Childlike Wonder

Talking with the wife (eternal)...

My Michelle says, "When I was coming of age, I had a thought about how I had been closed off to the world - always busy doing adult things. I'd lost the childlike wonder. I had the thought (from my nannying and being around children alot) that as we grow taller we start to look down on life. Children, being small, are always looking up at adults and at everything else... because they HAVE to! In that, they're looking around and taking in everything. As we grow up and get taller and don't look up as much, we find ourselves focusing on TASKS instead of enjoying the world - being awestruck about everything."

So accept the forgiveness and healing from God through Jesus and become more childlike. Slow down! Enjoy the beauty! Receive from the One who, from Eternity, says "YES!" to you!