Sunday, July 3, 2005

Emergent (Home) Church! (vlog15)

One thing is needful. Connecting with our AtomHolder. "AtomHolder" is an affectionate name we at AtomSound media have given the Creator of the Universe. If, indeed, all things have sprung out of the declaration of an Intelligent Designer, then we at AtomSound want to know that Person! Plain and simple! We believe we've found that mystical Wonder in the most controversial and distorted (and misread!) book of all time - the Holy Bible of the Judeo-Christian ethic! These people do too!

The "atomsound" is the idea that when God spoke into existance all that is, the very elements of physical existance are composed of the "energy of God"... that "focus" or "heart" of the Creator sustains all that is... and without His Person behind the structure of all matter... the universe would cease to exist. But He holds it because He cannot lie. He is pure light and truth and justice and love (and didn't Stephen Hawking say that in A Brief History of Time?).

Check out our Church (rather, local assembly which expresses that universal Church). It's free. It's live. It's real. C'mown down!

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