Sunday, February 26, 2006

How to make dreadies Part 2 (vlog63)

So you wanna tangle up your hair... Dreadlocks don't come super easy, but they're not really difficult... just tedious and time consuming. I just want to say THANK YOU, SWEETIE!!! to my wife who was the SUPER-STYLIST with UBER PATIENCE!!! She SO rocks!

Also, of course to the HQ - DreadHeadHQ - one-stop-shop for fat dreads.

One thing also highly recommended is - get good viewing material for this project! I happened to pick up Project .hack issue 2 by Director Kouichi Mashimo (Noir, Irresponsible Captain Tyler), and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nadia).

Leave a comment if I had anything to do with you getting dreadies! Cheers!

How to make dreadies Part 2 (vlog63) 3ivx video