Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Spits an Awesome Session on Net Neutrality - a re-posting (vlog81)

This is a copy from the AWESOME, highly recommended site for the latest "Vloggercon" meeting which was June 10th and 11th in San Francisco - see it here -

Please do your research and consider the topics in this video (and others at the site). We need to be informed media makers! Thanks for caring to share your vision.

Be sure to check out the changes to the Atomsound.TV site as well. I want to see everyone subscribed to this vlog - even people who stay in touch because they think I represent an "opposing view" (hehe) - DO YOUR OWN VIDEO PODCASTS!!! And that's exactly what Atomsound.TV wants to do - help Christians who are passionate about sharing the name and Kingdom principles of Yeshua to MAKE VIDEOS AND POST 'EM ON THE WEB!

Catch the vision before the Corporate monopolies (AT$T, especially) take away your chance to share it with the world. Time is ticking away. Get an education and use it for your world.

119 Meg File! NET NEUTRALITY DISCUSSED! June 06 Vloggercon. CC from