Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Introducing the Atomsound.TV Video Podcast, Week One, 2007!

AtomSound.TV Video Podcast, week one, is IN THE CAN! Here it is... I look kinda bored cos I was SICK AS A DOG when I recorded this! Nevertheless... THE PODCAST EXISTS! WAHOOO!!! This is a Vibrant DISPLAY of the GRACE OF GOD! My wife, Michelle, and several close friends and I are SO excited about this! We hope you like it too!

Be sure to watch what's goin' on over at AtomSound.TV and AtomSoundFilms.com as that's where the Holy Spirit, or "Him who raised Yeshua from the dead" (Romans 8:11) is going to show up online (among other places, of course) in Oh Seven!!!

..:::ATOMSOUND.TV Video Podcast:::.. An intro to the new weekly show.