Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MMASFY006 - Pitching a Trilogy from the Future

Because I can't be silent to the 40 or so of you who are waiting (ever so patiently - thanks!) for a new video - heres the Pitch!

Originally posted on MMASFY.com March 08th, 2007

MMASFY.COM is a site I've set up for aspiring filmmakers. Please check it out and please make a movie. Not just another hollybolly piece of schlock, but a film with sweet redemption coming out of it's pores - one which moves people out of their darkness and into the light of the majesty of Heaven in Yeshua!

This clip gives it up for the future! Herein our protagonist offers 3 feature films as potential society changers. “Will you choose the truth or the lie?”

View MMASFY 006 - Pitching a Trilogy from the future. 3 minute, 17 seconds (17.6 megs)