Thursday, September 6, 2007

Update - Sorting in September!

Ah September, 2007... what a year!

Basically I think September is gonna be a month of sorting things out in my schedule (which has been absolutely packed with madness for the King of the Universe) and getting the online message better optimized.

I hope everyone's doin' well. My blessings and shalom go to everyone (especially to the armagetronad crowd!) out there tuning in. I hope life is embracing you with grace. The King of grace is good... He knows our deepest darkness well... (Psalm 139:7-18) If only we knew the depths of goodness coming to our planet so soon...

That's why I've been throwing my shoulder into the GodTV / IHOP / prayerroom thing. Check it out around midnight in your area (worldwide) on God.TV - they air our work from the middle of the USA over their satellite network - http:remember we crank out LIVE 24-hours-a-day content... kinda unprecedented!

Technical: This is record time for a video blog! I captured to the "h.264" setting in Quicktime, instead of "quick capture" on YouTube, so I could have the original on my hard drive. My usual way is to use the best, baddest camera I can find (Canon S2IS, HV10, Panasonic HVX200) and then use titles in Final Cut or (recently) Motion to spice things up a bit. But I'm so busy these days, I'm thinkin about goin to the quickest and easiest so I can just get it done and say "hey" to y'all!