Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steve Bartlett / Untamed from Zion (original song)

Steve and I were talking about depending upon the Creator and Sustainer of matter and breath and he came up with this brilliant take on life in Yahweh! It's like trusting the designer/operator and construction genius of a great roller coaster.. My original song, Untamed from Zion, wraps this one up with some amazing roller coaster footy! Lyrics follow: Jesus, when You're majesty has finally hit the ground and You're reigning untamed from Zion I will fully sing of Your love I will fully sing of Your love When the fateful justice Of Your terrible, swift sword extends over all of the earth I will freely dance in the streets I will freely dance in the streets There's a better day comin During Your kingdom reign we'll say, "King Jesus lives in Zion Putting an end to pain... "No more babies crying No more mama's sighing No more hero's dying Jesus has saved the day Yeshua has saved the day When Your covenant love... (more on the new album!) ©2008 Atomsound, All Rights Reserved Distributed by Tubemogul.
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