Saturday, January 2, 2010

Battle Hymn a Beck-IHOPU-Obama-Jesus Mashup

December 30, 2009

Atomsound Video Podcast on the blog. Glenn Beck asks WHY was Derrion Albert beat to death for not joining a gang. Is it capitalism and corporations that have caused gang-related crime? Is it because of not enough government? Maybe Or is it because God is no longer trusted in America... 10 commandments in public, Christimas hymns that praise Jesus are too contraversial. It's not OK to make public school children praise Barack Obama in public schools as a savior while forbidding Christian expressions of faith. Christian songs, prayers, writings and readings of Hebrew scripture established our country and should remain. Rehearsing (?) for singing the praise of dictators is strictly forbidden in the United States of America!

Glenn reminds us that the Battle Hymn of the Republic holds deep value for Americans still. It was nearly our National Anthem and there is a growing number today who are choosing, due to it's rich heritage and Godly prophecy, to adopt it as such.

America, wake up. Embrace the Maker and grow in His grace.
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