Monday, April 5, 2010

Response to silentmiaow's In My Language video

Please watch the AM Baggs aka SilentMiaow video, "In My Language." It's a brilliant unveiling! I'd like to quote its author: "It is meant as a strong statement on the existence and value of many different kinds of thinking and interaction in a world where how close you can appear to one of them determines whether you are seen as a real person or an adult or an intelligent person. And in a world in which those (interactions/thinking patterns) determine whether you have any rights there are people being tortured, people dying because they are considered non-persons because their kinds of thought is so unusual as to not be considered thought at all!" "Only when the many shapes of personhood are recognized will justice and human rights be possible." "Acted and sung by AM Baggs & assorted objects" Please rate and respond! Distributed by Tubemogul.
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)