Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Genesis and Meaning of the Atomsound Studio

Atomsound™ Studio soundproofing technique from JohnLSayers.com
Looking back and forward at the Genesis of the Atomsound™ Studio

Pictured above is a sound treatment for my garage studio utilizing rubber pads on the floor joists (to disolve street vibrations) way back around the year 2000. I had thoroughly researched John L. Sayers' amazing forum on sound studio design and opted for a simplistic but (quite) effective and artistic solution in my one car garage.

Although we've long since moved on from this studio (left it for work at GOD.TV and IHOPKC.org international satellite television broadcasting gig in 2007), the knowledge (and immense fun!) had building and using this studio is not dormant. Although our current unenhanced dedicated bedroom has no soundproofing at all and is completely exposed to our street's constant sirens and boombox rumblings a mere 15 feet from the window, we are active and are now planning a new soundproofed ergonomically-friendly arrangement.

What "sound-design" - whether environmentally shaped or directly influenced by tools - are you doing in your life?

Are you aware of the influences that distort your perception of reality? Are rumbling, squealing "noises" distracting you from hearing the pure sound of life around you? Have you set up "bass-traps" and "soundproof tile" to help you discern better the "atomsound" - the resonant frequency of God - in the people and events around you?

Are you actively grasping the controls of your "soundboard" and "digital audio workstation" to adjust the incoming sounds? To better optimize the frequency of love, peace, mercy and patience in your mind and heart - the "recording" media you will take with you into eternity?

Help atomsound resound in you by taking inventory of your surroundings and attitude toward those surroundings. Record life responsibly!

- - -

Author, Tom Chaffer, is founder and chief creative officer of Atomsound LLC, a sound and light handling media company. He writes for future generations who will openly admit and embrace that all of creation resonates with the frequency and voiceprint of the Maker Himself in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. (Romans 1:19-22)
A (complimentary!) John L. Sayer Studio Design
My son and I at work in the 2001-2007 Atomsound Studio.

Tesla would be proud of this man who wired Atomsound Studio!