Sunday, October 24, 2004

Star Maker

Straight from the mouth of my 5 yr old boy, Josiah...

listen to it!

My little boy asked me tonight
"Papa, Did Jesus put that star in the sky?
The one that was there - when He was born in Bethlehem -
Did He do that Himself?"

I told him, "What a wonderful question, Josiah
But I can only hope to answer it well..."
I can only speculate about a baby boy from forever
Who made Himself known to us that day.

Perhaps it was collaborative effort
The Son shone so bright to His Father God
That the star was only a natural occurence
For on that day was born the Brightest Morning Star!

For not only was all the love - in the whole wide universe
packed into that tiny little baby boy
But also the power to heal and create a forever world
It could've been bursting out of His seams!!!


It was also meant as a means of communication
From Israel to Babylon
Where wise men who were taught by old Daniel
Saw the message in the sky!

They saddled up and rode - for years until finally
before the young boy they kneeled down
They said, "Lord King, we bring our humble gifts to You -
You are the Star-Maker in the flesh!"

Yes, now I know He was the Star-Maker
Very God of the Star and very little Lamb
They say it's better to burn out than to fade away
But He will always remain the same...

I know He was the Star-Maker
Very God of the Star and very little Lamb...