Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Voting for Honest Media Coverage

This is a day for voting for a "king," I told my 5 year old... "all the people get together and give their vote to choose the next 'king' or 'president' of our country. And my wife and I, with our 5 year old, prayed together that God would help we Americans to make the right choice... even if it goes against our grain.

We asked that whoever is elected into the various offices would respect the right to life for unborn people, honor the sanctity of marriage - the kind that embraces procreation, and would fight the war against Jihad.

Michael Moore (Fahrenhype 911), of course, would tell you "there is no war on terror." How wrong he is. Wake up, Michael!

World media can and should make an alliance with their governments for protection and then they should TELL THE TRUTH, letting the world know we are in dire times regarding Jihad and then a moral response by world citizens, when they are finally exposed to the truth, would be to SPEAK OUT against the rampant abuses of Arafat's brainwashing of children with dreams of becoming a "shahid" (suicide bomber).

Somebody please - ignore Michael Moore's twisted contortions of propaganda - and vote for honesty in reporting!