Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day Thanks

So it's 5 am and I've been through all (what is it?) 800 tunes in the U2 box set on iTunes... ah, the memories. U2 really was a soundtrack for my life in the 80s and 90s. And still that guy, Bono (Paul), seems to be doing healthy things to our planet. And I'm glad for that - Matthew 5:16 style!

Reason I'm so excited (not cos of U2, altho that was pretty cool rippin through the iTunes store grabbing tiny audio snippets and experiencing an amazing amount of input in a small space of time - so it didn't take long, and I really only sampled about 40 of those 800) is cos I just spent some ROCKIN time with my buddy, then came home and worked on "Grand Entrance" (lyrics below) which I wrote last night (over 24 hours ago).

And today I was also able to finish ver. 0.2 of the website

And today I was also SUPER blessed by my wife's AWESOME nesting - she set up the computer station downstairs, made the Thanksgiving blueberry dessert my Mom, the Betty, made for all my growing up years, and built a snowman with the chilluns... while I built my TOMASOUND.NET site (I'm actually rather proud of it, such as it is)! THANKS, SWEETYPIE!!! YOU SO ROCK!!!!

And today I was also able to congratulate my bro, Don (which I know about as well as I know ol' George W., these days... and that sucks... but, anyways, it was good to write him successfully), on his MOST AWESOME new online record store - selling mainly his own stuff - see I'm real proud of that guy! Thanks for him, God! (But keep him writing the beautiful music with his testimony of Jesus in tact! Don't let him get so 'relevant' that he can't find his own beautiful soul in the soup of it all!)

And today I was also blessed by my BESTEST friend in the whole wide world (after my wife, of course), Tom Celli, the SUPREMO guitarist-songwriter-wizkid!!! We jammed in his new studio and we DREAMED DREAMED DREAMED of lives being creative and being paid being that way.

I was able last Saturday to help him set up THIS STUDIO -

... including helping to cut that desk out - pretty, huh? (I'm proud of that desk!)

And today I was also able to contemplate the plight of Kansas City's mostly corralled black population and ask God for an answer to the poverty, drugs, violence, lack of self-respect/dignity they endure and feel that what I'm doing with songs like "Grand Entrance" could actually help... if I keep the music real and reach out to 'em with it.

So I'm thankful today... turkey day... for all that.

Here's where you can download that song (and some other stuff) and here're those lyrics.

Grand Entrance
(11-22-04 - thx Todd Ganovski's newest album, "Some trust in Chariots" and the Ezekiel 47 map which I've been studying and HEBREW LESSONS!)

This is the Grand Entrance
The prince of Peace has come
I see Him shining so...
like the sun - like the sun!

I see the Kingdom
finally coming down
Bright and Glorious Justice
Granted to the Lost and found

I see His bride at His side
She's standing glorious
Who is that grand woman?
She found her place amongst us!

She is the precious Bride
He poured forth from His side
Ripped from Him
like being ripped from Adam

She is His people in white!