Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead... But Not Arafat's Hatred.

Ding Dong the Witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch...


But then why does the world MOURN the passing of Arafat, the godfather of terrorism as if he were some ... Nobel Peace Prize winner? And, unfortunately, Arafat was not the only "wicked witch"... there are MANY more being conditioned by the "Society of Shahids (sucicide bombers)" which is the so-called "PALESTINIAN" in Israel.

And his wife isn't too sad. Suha Arafat's gettin 22 million a YEAR (how do you SPEND that much???) off the backs of the (truly) impoverished Arabs of the "Palestinian"-controlled areas in Israel!!! Her answer to a mere 2 million a year initial offer? "Pff!"

Funny... only 10 years ago we all referred to the JEWS as "Palestinians"!!! What's up with THAT?!!

Got this from an acquaintance of mine who lives in Hebron, Israel... a Jew among 500-1000 Jews who live amongst 10s of thousands of Arabs in a "Palestinian"-controlled area of Israel.

It does SO well explaining WHY the world hates Israel...

"Sinai, Sinah," as they say in Hebrew... or "The Hatred stems from Sinai" (where the Jews received the Commandments from God).

What’s it All About?
November 16, 2004

I recently got an email message from a reader called Mary. She was quite confused about all the hubbub with Arafat and asked me to try to clarify things for her. This was my response:

Dear Mary,

Thank you for writing. It is not at all surprising for you to be confused. Our own leaders in this country, and probably in the USA as well, are also quite confused. Either they don't know, or don't want to know the real issue. The issue is not and never was Arafat and the PLO, nor was it Afghanistan and the Al Quaida. There is a war going on but most do not have any idea what it is all about. Who is the enemy? Where is the enemy? How do you fight something if you don't know what it is that you are fighting?

Honestly and logically it makes absolutely no sense what so ever for world leaders to even notice the tiny, tiny state of Israel. Why then is this remote little fraction of a nation on the other side of the world a top priority item for the USA, England and the European nations? Are there no other problems to solve in the world other than that between Israel and the vast Arab empire which surrounds her? Why should anyone care what happens here?

The answer is to be found in the Bible. G-d created the world and planted Man in it. We are all His creations and he loves us all. He wants us all to live good and satisfying lives, but He knows that we are not perfect and quite capable of doing much damage to ourselves and all of our world. He chose the Jewish People to be a living example both of His existence, and as a model of how He wants us to behave. First of all the Jewish People must live up to our obligation to be that example, and then the nations will take note of our Blessings and seek to emulate us, thus elevating themselves to holiness as well.

G-d has always known that Mankind, in general, would try to reject the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven. He created conditions which give all of us opportunities to go against our own nature and submit our will to that of our Creator. These opportunities are always there, but, unfortunately disregarded by most. If we fail to seize these opportunities, then conditions will be created which will give us no choice. Today, as predicted in the Bible, the nations of the world are beginning to gather together against the tiny Jewish State. It makes no sense. Israel has no gold or significant natural resources to entice anyone to attack her. So why is this happening? We all know that when world leaders talk about "peace in the Middle East" what they really mean is how can we get Israel to surrender to the Arabs. Why?

The reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of predicted in the Bible, and accomplished in spite of overwhelming obstacles, is testimony to the sovereignty of G-d in this world. If she can be destroyed, that would prove that there is no G-d and that nations control their own destiny. True freedom and independence can only be achieved by accepting the yoke of Heaven. Unfortunately most people seem to think that these values can only be achieved by rejecting the yoke of Heaven. Here is the answer to your question. The war that is being waged today is between those who believe in the Living G-d of Israel, and those who reject Him. Islam worships a different god and seeks to prove that Allah is greater than the True Living G-d of Creation. G-d has given the Islamic nations power and wealth which they have used to both bribe and threaten the great nations of the world. We are approaching redemption today, and as we get closer all of
the nations of the world are being tested. Will they yield to their base nature by following their eyes rather than their spiritual hearts? Will they bow down to threats when they see vast armies and unlimited wealth teamed against a minuscule nation? Will they side with an invisible G-d, or feel safer to side with the visible majority? This is what is going on today.

The Pope came to visit Israel and cast his lot with the PLO. The reason for this is because a Jewish sovereign state in the Land of Israel denies the claims of the papacy that Israel has been rejected by G-d and replaced by the Roman Catholic Church. If the PLO can replace Israel then maybe this claim can yet be redeemed. Fortunately there are a growing number of Christians who accept historical validation of Biblical prophesy in our time and openly accept the reality that the ancient Children of Israel, who were scattered among the nations of the world, are, indeed, the Jews who are now beginning to return home as predicted.

When Bush says that "there is no choice, the Holy Land must be divided", he has given in to political pressure and backed down upon his own Biblical convictions. This must be challenged by American Christians if the USA is to avoid self destruction. The key to redemption and the key to world peace lies in Jerusalem.

The biggest obstacle today is the refusal by Jewish leaders to accept this reality. By attempting to conduct Israeli affairs as if Israel was just another nation is to defy our obligation and our very reason for being. No Jewish leader should ever talk about "territorial concessions". It is not our right to concede that which was given to us by G-d, not as a gift, rather as a Divine obligation. To try to do so is to deny G-d and to bring His Wrath upon us. This is the real cause of Terror. . . not Arafat. It is we who created Arafat and it is we who have enabled our enemies to terrorize our country. Once we have a real Jewish leader who rules as a servant of G-d we will see a speedy and glorious redemption. Until then we will suffer from our own failures.

With Blessings from Hebron, Gary