Saturday, October 21, 2006

Apple iPhone Anticipation Syndrome (AIAS)

I admit it... I have AIAS. I'm excited... (who wouldn't be - it's going to be a convergence device that, well, it'll just work.) and this has got me more so -

And just when all of Apple's competitors are turning to plan B, and just when a few cell phone vendors are getting hip to the idea of including iPod-like functionality in a mobile phone (something that no smartphone maker has quite figured out how to do very gracefully), Apple is about to swoop in and show them all how its done because you know that Steve Jobs would never let an iPhone see the light of day unless it's absolutely perfect. Nokia, Ericcson, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and the rest of the lot of them (as well as Microsoft and the other portable audio manufacturers) will be left so stunned by Apple's entry into the market that it will feel as though a supertrain with a wild party on it just left the train station while they were left standing on the platform say "But,…but…" - from

Also this - Apple's own iTunes is ready for this little device, too!