Friday, February 16, 2007

Atomsound.TV Video Podcast 05 07 - Keyword: Green

The podcast this week is sponsored by the Keyword: Green. In addressing the issue of caring for the planet God has entrusted us, we are including links below. Also, please visit Sustainable South Bronx - and drop them a line of encouragement on our behalf!

I want to pose a theory - could it be compared to the parable of the talents? Planet earth being as the talent entrusted to the unjust servant?

What does it mean in Revelation 11:18 when it says, "and to destroy those who destroy the earth."?

"Work out your salvation with fear and trembling..." Philippians 2:12

Isaiah 8:11-13

Let's get busy as Christians and work to preserve the only planet God has give us to thrive upon!

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OK. THE LIST. Here's the deal. I don't believe it's because of my Ford Escort that our planet is warming up. Yes, the planet's warming up. And yes I want to be more conservative (actually, quite radically so), but let's not get so political about cutting back on oil BECAUSE we want the climate to change... it probably won't be affected for another few hundred (or thousand) years. Let's fix our cars and horrid habits of consumption because it's RIGHT to do so... dare I say it's a "conservative" thing to do? :D

A Rocha Christians In Conservation 
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies 
Christian Environmental Association 
Christian Ecology Link 
Restoring Eden Christians For Environmental Stewardship 
North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology 
Better Times Sustainable, Simple, & Frugal Living 
Earth Care Caring for God's creation 
Environmental Issues Network 
Evangelical Environmental Network 
Creation Care 
Climate Stewards 
Eco Justice Ministries 
Earth Ministry 
Saving God's Green Earth 
Target Earth Serving the earth, serving the poor 
Environmental Stewardship Commission with a focus on Minnesota 
Marah International with a focus on Eastern Europe 
The Regeneration Project 
National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Programs 
New Community Project Anabaptists 
Earthcare Witness With the Quakers 
Presbyterians For Restoring Creation 
Quaker Green Concern 
Catholic Conservation Center 
Episcopal Ecological Network 
Wildlanders Holistic wilderness and ecology 
Evan and Nature 
Nathan Styder a brother with a cool sustainable living site 
Evangelical Ecologist 
The Greening Andii Bowsher Durham, UK 
Earth 911 Locate recycling and other environmental initiatives in your community 
Eco Cycle Recycle your life! Get ideas here. 
Scorecard Community pollution information site
Green Festivals Parties with purpose
Green Press Initiative Helping publishers and authors create paper-use transformations that will conserve natural resources and preserve endangered forests 
What Would Jesus Drive? 
Biodiesel! Biodiesel. It is fantastic. It is a gift from Jesus to save the world. 
Fried Fuel an excellent Creative Loafing article on biodiesel; a good first-stop to learn and get yourself excited about new forms of Auto Power.
(See here also) 
EcoMall Ecologically sound companies and products

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