Sunday, April 30, 2006 Episode 1! (vlog72)

So I've been skating since 1976... and since I love skateboarding, I'm going to do a show over at ("skate missouri - skate more") - so keep an eye on that development! In the meantime, here's the first show!

This is Atomsound.TV, channel 4! There's Atomsound Sounding (here, for now), MMASFY (Gear talk for MovieMakers), GODvlog founders sessions and this new one. All still under development, so be looking at those sites for more info.

It will feature drum and bass music and other body-moving music. It will give as much background and "skate reporting" as possible... and when it's time to feature skaters it will cram in as many shreddifying moves as a 5-10 minute podcast can handle!

And it's all for the glory of Yahweh of Israel! Yeshua, the Phenomenal Maker and Humble Savior, be praised! "God's green earth - it's awesome! And if you're gonna pave something... pave it with a skatepark!" Episode 1!