Thursday, June 29, 2006

Net Neutrality 2 (nadavlog)

OK. Here's the deal. Would someone PLEASE comment on my site and explain this to me?

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UPDATE 070806 -

I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. Here is a complicated, but accurate ( I think! help me understand! comment!! ) arguement explaining the details of our battle (in arguement form with someone who doesn't have as much of a clue... and siding iwth Tim Berner Lee, the guy who invented the internet - who also is concerned about our fight to keep the internet free

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I found this article on which says this is goin' down TODAY -

"U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, the leading Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee, had blasted Republican compromise language on network neutrality.

The new language, released over the weekend by the Republican majority on the panel, would have instituted a Consumer Internet Bill of Rights to be enforced by the Federal Communications Commission.

The new proposal was part of a massive telecom reform bill by Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens of Alaska. The bill is currently scheduled for a Thursday committee vote."
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And another called - Debunking the Myths of Net 'Neutrality'
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I'm a your basic compassionate, green conservative who isn't tittilated by democratic hype but who's also really upset by rich replublicans who's sole reason for becoming involved in politics is to get richer by making corporate friends and doing their bidding... nevermind the majority of taxpaying voters! And it appears to me that conservative groups - like the aformentioned Christian Coalition and the Internet Freedom Coalition - are fighting to keep the internet free!

Am I wrong?

Write me!