Friday, June 2, 2006

Woman in Chains 2 - Liberated Womb. (vlog76)

So we (my wife and I, who was in agreement, but who is presently rather shy, but who will be blowin' your MIND when she actually starts video podcasting her ideas!) had this to say about this - this. Now we're saying this - men and women are meant to be together. In fact, we care enough about the phenomenon that we've signed the petition at to say I support "clarification" in our Constitution towards that truth. Simply put - without a mandate for procreation, the human race will cease to exist.

So! Around the world, feminists have been staying home. Why? Because CHILDREN ARE AWESOME! That's why! And, although the feminist movement has, for the most part, encouraged women to eschew the idea of having children... much less staying home to care for them... there are some who just can't get enough of the little tykes!

HaleluYah! Thank Yahweh for the liberated WOMB and for the eternal beings (children) who come forth from that union! (Baby cats and dogs are OK... but baby humans are WAY cooler.)

Happy Yom Habikkurim (first harvest)! Have lotsa babies (eternal harvest)!

Woman in Chains 2 - Liberated Womb. (vlog76)