Friday, November 3, 2006

GODvlog Sheva (7) - 2 Way Web (vlog86)

Cellie and Chaffer here - hittin’ it hard at the Plaza in downtown Kansas City. We’re shoutin’ out to forerunners, believers in Yeshua who can see past your noses into the crowd and into the future. We’re takin’ your brain to another dimension. Pay close attention! It’s all about “tech meeting heaven” in the King of the Universe, Jesus (Yeshua).

We kick it off with Seth Godin’s “Web 2.0” list. (And how about that Google buyin’ YouTube, eh?)

Then we move into a church that makes movies and Chaffer’s site. Way to go Sherwood Church(!) for Facing the Giants, a feel-good sports flik that maintains a believable (even infectious) Judeo-Christ worldview!

Then we wrap it up with everyone’s favorite apartheid-battling South African, Nelson Mandela! No, really, we do! He wrote some things about dignity you just GOTTA hear! We compare what he says to John the Baptist.

Make podcasts, everyone. We’re here to inspire you. You can do it… and folks WILL want to hear you as long as you’re sincere. And if you know the Holy Scriptures enough to point them to Jesus… they MIGHT just get eternally saved! Ain’t that a trip!