Monday, November 20, 2006

Left and Right Unite! (nadavlog90)

That's a screen cap of a new page I just published regarding Net Neutrality. Changed my front page, too! Also moved the SaveTheInternet link up to the top of this blog (well, almost the top, there's this Guy I know who is more important to me even than Net Neutrality... the King of the Universe!)

This kinda stuff just doesn't happen very often. The Far Left and the Far Right have UNITED for the preservation of something everyone in America should hold dear! and, as well as individual creatives such as 4-Eyed Monsters and AtomSound.TV, are joining for one thing:


Don't let big business (AT&T & their buddies) and big business (Federal Communications Commission) have their way with the internet like they did with television and radio - making it a crime for anyone with out really expensive licenses to make it and broadcast it!

STOP THEM NOW! The left and right agree on this! Let's unite for freedom of expression!

Save the Internet: Click here