Thursday, November 20, 2003

Bringing back the bassline...

I've been happy to discover an interesting game online called, Armagetron. It's quite the hip thing... you use 2 buttons... you play with people from around the world... I like Armagetron... a LOT. In fact, my name online is "diggin" ... for how much I dig the game!

One person who goes by "Ozone" in the grid (Tron-speak) has challenged me quite thoroughly. He's a buddhist from New York city who is also a talented musician who is also quite adept at moving body limbs in an various body-limb-moving artforms (Capoeira, Le Coque, break-dancing, mime, etc.)... and, not just because he values self-expression, but because he is expressing with such style, I find myself hankerin' even more to get the studio done...

Ah, the studio... All the stuff in that pic on my site (and much more) will be nicely fitted into a room which I'm presently manufacturing out of our garage... Michelle's about to give birth to little Elijah, so I'm doing my part to "nest" for the little guy.

And that will bring back self-expression in a way that I've been longing for all my adult life (starting at about 18).

That will bring back the bassline.... and I'll feel like I have more to share with people like Ozone!