Friday, November 21, 2003


Making a studio, I get to cut a lot of wood. I get to use power tools. And because power tools cut and mangle things permanently, I get to scribble on the wood with a pencil to plan my cuts.

So I'm whittling on my pencil tonight to make a really sharp (satisfying) point of lead ... and I have a minor epiphany: whittling is fun!

It's also extremely wholesome and satisfying to work on your own home to make it better. I'm beginning to get the feeling that this room - atomsound studio - is gonna turn a mystical dial just so... that the arrangement will be a combination that sets tumblers and open a vault of satisfaction. It's like, "that throw rug, those beads, that lava lamp and this chair... are gonna just... flow."

Sidenote: Saw the Matrix III last night with my wife, Michelle. Great romance. Romance times 3, actually! Very cool special effects. Easily the best super-hero stuff EVER put on screen... and not bad writing and acting (tho that did suffer a little... but with all that flash and fanfare... WHO CARES!). :-D

There are also some pretty blatant and coersive references to Buddhist and Christian (particularly gnostic Christian) theology which we found passionate and thought-provoking. More on all that later!

The Matrix series DOES rock... so you might want to go see it before it is totally overshadowed and upstaged by the movie of the century about the REAL Messiah... "The Passion!"

Here's a bit of the buzz goin' on about it - put an ear to the ground.

So, altho Neo provides an interesting parable of a futuristic Messiah... I bid you peace in the one-n-only, real-deal Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) from ancient Israel. Later.