Saturday, November 29, 2003

Tomasound... in your earhole.

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47 seconds of poetic syllables poppin'... what more can ya ask! And it's free! (one) Great idea, too, i might add..

so here's the entire poem (written about 10 minutes ago)

atomsound poppin
granting blank checks for innovative missives
flowing through cellular membranes
cleaning the human machine

soul flow, in fact, building
massive wanton explosions
of music imploding stingy structures
that don't resonate the heavyweight nucleate

it's the essence of living
the ultimate meaning - to procreate
to give life and power and love
to impart ... to another ...

all you can

all you are

all you hope to be

and to see created before your eyes
in this blazing, wandering, hoping world
an end to lies - a beginning to hopes realized
the final frontier - human expression unexploited

by big business.