Wednesday, November 19, 2003

manic mechanic

This is my little boy... He's quite the zinger when it comes to expressive behavior... totally and completely inherited from me. Wow. What a handful... I feel sorrier and sorrier for what I put my Mom through EVERY DAY! (lol!)

If it isn't manic heights of joy and creativity, it's the smack-down opposite of poetic melancholy. Those valleys used to come fast and hard in my teens and 20s... (and 30s! crap!) but, boy, I'll tell ya, they sure don't zing me like they used to...

And with the children now, not only in my face (with the most magnificent graces), but in my consciousness and perception, the turnaround is just quicker... like theirs!

You get tripped by your brother or sister, and you cry and then you get back up and make the best of it (mostly - they're actually blessed with a sense of forgiveness and patience, thank God). And that works really well in adult life, actually.