Wednesday, December 3, 2003

chilluns, pop music & snowflakes

This morning we wake up with the children and discuss manliness. We talk about how my Dad (blessed be his remembrance - warrior and writer, most excellent father the Viet Nam Offensive ever tried to stop) was absent in post-traumatic stress syndrome for many years.... and about how my Mom did what she could to fill the gap for Dad. And how I've followed in my father's footsteps, somewhat, re: absenteeism. And... about how the chilluns need the mornings from us both... and that, if she's not willing to face the day at 6:20 am... then it's gotta be my turn. And... we talked more about responsibilities.

So it's been my morning with the chilluns. We've been doin' breakfast, snow-watching (first day of snow in MO) and DANCIN'!

Ain't nothin' like today's pop music, I'll tell ya. Such a groovy blend of soul, funk, pop-sensibility, alternative gloom (witness David Guetta's Just a Little More Love - now playing on That's what I'm talkin' about. Disco, House, R&B vocals... actually. Today's Pop is all about R&B... that's where disco and funk came from. Thank God for Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder!

So we've been dancin' around - they've been dancin' - while I've been TRYING to put together a plan for finishing the garage...

Here's some more "pop" (a song from the 90's resurrected with a kickin' dance beat)... some interesting thoughts about the creative urge within us all...

SLEEPING SATELLITE - Aurora f/ Naimee Coleman:

I blame you for the moonlit sky and the dream that died with the eagle's flight
I blame you for the moonlit night when I wonder why are the seas still dry?
Don't blame this sleeping satellite. Oh yeah, don't blame this sleeping satellite.
Did we fly to the moon too soon? Did we squander the chance?

In the rush of the race, in the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste for a taste of man's greatest adventure.

Chorus - Have we got what it takes to advance? Did we peak too soon?
If the world is so green then why does it scream under a blue moon?
We wonder why the earth's sacrificed for the price of it's greatest treasure
Oh yeah, oh yeah, don't blame this sleeping satellite...

And when we shoot for the stars, what a giant step
Have we got what it takes to carry the weight of this concept?
Or pass it by like a shot in the dark, miss the mark with a sense of adventure

Oh yeah, oh yeah, don't blame this sleeping satellite.

Like to mix that one up for a bumpin, jumpin crowd o' worshippers some day... or maybe a song about a snowman-builder like Josiah...