Thursday, December 4, 2003

Hey, Mr. President!

The Media (capital M - meaning corporately-controlled media) has been singing and dancing (with stars, presidents and heads of state all singing along) about "The Geneva Initiative". It's not gonna be pretty if the world pushes it through... (* read the article to find out why.)

So I typed up the following email to some heavy hitters I know...

Subject: Will you please STOP the USA's OK of Geneva Initiative?

Dear President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary Powell,

Regarding Secretary Powell's obstinate support of The Geneva Initiative, our President and our State Department must not ignore the fact that a top official, the Secretary of State, is planning to meet this week with an unauthorized group who have created an unauthorized plan, circumventing Israeli-elected Knesset Members' wishes in favor of entertaining a gang of thugs and terrorists called the Palestinian Liberation Organization!

For the Secretary of State to honor these terrorizing, self-serving non-officials is demeaning not only to Israel but also to our own country.

We believe this is the wrong way to formulate foreign policy and it completely ignores the real threat that the PLO sustains with their terrorist activities and terrorist training camps for children which engender the famed "suicide-bombing cult" Palestinians are so famously known for!


Tom & Michelle Chaffer
Kansas City, Missouri

...and I sent it to them ( pres & veep - secretary). You been active lately for what you believe in? Every little bit helps, I believe. It's relatively easy to be active... just read about what you care to preserve... or to rescue...

Evil prevails... when good peeps don't utter a peep. Be the voice.