Thursday, December 11, 2003

Theory of Relativity

Honest Reporting asks "Why the Calm?"

A show on tv this morning posed this - "If you were to take ONE SENTENCE from popular media outlets regarding the Palestinian situation, you could peal back layers of deceit and misleading information regarding the concern." I challenge you to ask if that could be true...

Popular (Oil-owned) Media has a "theory of relativity." Everything's relative to their agenda. But is their agenda really based on honesty?

The following is from HonestReporting.Com:

"The major news outlets have determined that since there has not been a successful Palestinian suicide bombing for awhile, Israel is now in a 'period of relative calm':

- Christian Science Monitor (11/25): 'Israel is enjoying a period of relative calm - there has not been a Palestinian suicide bombing in seven weeks.'

- BBC (12/1): 'Our correspondent says Israelis never stopped making arrests during the recent period of relative calm.'

- Reuters (12/10): 'Signals that Israel is getting ready to impose its own arrangement have increased pressure on the Palestinians at a time of renewed interest in the road map, thanks to a spell of relative calm and a new Palestinian government.'

This description is highly misleading, for it implies that Palestinian terrorists have made a recent, peaceful gesture to 'calm down.'

In fact, the head of the IDF Intelligence Corps states that no less than 25 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) suicide bombing attempts have been made in recent weeks ? all but one foiled by the tireless efforts of Israeli security forces. Events such as these two recent IDF intelligence successes receive little media coverage:

12/8 (two days ago, by our clock): Israeli security caught a 40-year-old Palestinian MOTHER OF SEVEN trying to carry a BOMB BELT for a suicide bombing in Rosh HaAyin. The Tanzim militia, exploiting IDF humanitarianism, recruited her to smuggle the bomb from Nablus because IDF soldiers rarely do body searches on women.

12/3: Two suicide bombers (both members of the PA security forces) were en route to attack Israeli schoolchildren in Yokne'am (near Haifa) when they were captured by Israeli security forces while hiding in a West Bank mosque.

[For a longer account of attempted terror attacks against Israeli civilians since the Oct. 4 Haifa restaurant bombing, click here.]

By describing this as a 'period of relative calm,' the media suggest Palestinian terrorist efforts have abated. They haven't ? IDF diligence has simply won out.  But foiled bombings don't make headlines.

A more accurate term for the past few weeks: 'A period of thwarted terror'" [end quote from HonestReporting.Com]

THIS is why there's 'Relative Quiet'... because Israel is at WAR... and as long as their hands are untied... they will win. People REALLY like to forget... but America is at war, too.

Rest in the God of Israel... who (alone) fights for Israel... he will fight for you and your house, too... if you put your trust in Him (and maybe even if you don't!).

Isaiah 54:5 - For your Maker is your husband; Yahweh of Hosts is his name: and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; the God of the whole earth shall he be called.