Friday, December 19, 2003

Never Give Up

Never Give Up
The following is forwarded from Naomi Ragen.

If you've forgotten, the USA is also at war with this same Wahabist terrorism. Sad but true.

See how a 13 year old girl processes that reality when it hits home monthly, weekly, even daily...


By Cegal Ilan

I want to talk about Israel
and living in this crazy place
What we do, how we act,
And the reality we face

First of all, I need to say
We're not a desert with houses of sand
We live here like you do there
Just in another land

We have houses, big and small
We have normal schools
We work in hi-tech companies
And pray to God in shuls

We go out at night to have some fun
We don't just sit in bed
We carry on with our lives
Though we've seen so many dead

We're now more careful
Look around where we hang out
We try to let our lives move on
Though our heart is full of doubt

Israel is strong
It is glued together
Israel is strong
And will stay so forever

60 years ago the world was blind
They didn't see what was hidden behind
Now there's hope, now there's glue
From every car and home flies the white and blue

We mourn each life that's lost
We cry for peace out loud
We're paying a giant cost
To stay free, strong and proud

Copyright CEGAL ILAN
(reproduced with permission of the author)

Born in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Moved to Israel with her family when she was six.

She always felt connected to being Jewish. When she was 13 she wrote Never Give Up in response to many family and friends asking her what it was like living in Israel.

She is now in her first year of High School in Ra'anana, Israel and plays on the high school volleyball team.

She hopes her words inspire you to see life goes on as normal, although we are living through difficult times.

She would like to hear from you.