Monday, March 1, 2004

first impression living

We forget.

My boy, Josiah, dances. He dances like... well, a lot like Billy Elliot now... and with certain sparks of the likes of Gene Kelly and Gregory Hines! The latest thing I captured on video, for instance, shows the little guy (just 5) dancing with a hat! The hat doesn't leave him for longer than a moment. And he's constantly got his hands on it, flipping and turning the prop. The rest of his body is doing a combination of Buster Keaton slapstick and the above mentioned - dancing, literally, on the walls!

And this is what's inside of us. We are dancers. We are Jazz dancers, baby. We can turn any rythym, any contorted moment into a symphony of coordination and flash. We are human... it's what humans do best -

I M P R oh V I Z E!

So live by your first impressions... "walk humbly with your God, do justice, love mercy" and DANCE OUT your good urges!

(above passage from Micah 6:8)