Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Express Yourself!

"Then you'll know your love is real!" (Madonna)

My wife and I were talking about a conversation I had with my boy, Josiah, tonight. He had congratulated me (again) on my studio. He's really excited about it and I try to open up to him whenever he expresses himself to me with enthusiasm (or not). So I was talking to him as I was moving away from the living room into my studio (into what was formerly the garage) and as I sat down, the last thing I said (I think it was something like, "I'm really glad you like it, Josiah! You're the greatest too!") echoed off the walls and I heard this strangely childlike voice... and I thought, that was weird.

But my wife doesn't think so.

She says, "I think it's great the way that you express yourself. It's childlike and expressive and that's what guys are missing - that expressiveness. Guys just don't know how to open up express themselves and say what they feel and it's just like,.... they're WEIRD! (ha ha!) And you shouldn't try to change it or feel bad about it or anything! 'Cos it's wonderful and I love it!

Ain't she cool?