Monday, August 8, 2005

Some WHYS re: "Disengagement"

Gush Katif "disengagement" is really an "expulsion" of people from their land! Please see an URGENT ALERT I sent out to my friends at "My Right Hand's Skill!"

The following WHYS compiled by Dr. Miriam Adahan from - August 2005

· Why did Ariel Sharon decide to reward Arab terrorists by creating a Palestinian state precisely as Yasser Arafat’s envisioned it – in stages, one community after another falling like dominoes into the hands of murderers?

· Why, after saying “NEVER AGAIN!” are we all saying, “OH NO, NOT AGAIN,” as Jewish police raid homes in the middle of the night, taking young men away from their terrified wives and children?

· Why is there no outrage in the press as they report the new edicts affecting Gush Katif day after day, such as today’s announcement that children between the ages of 2 and 14 will be taken away from their parents who refuse to leave their homes peacefully and placed in institutions, while those younger than 2 can be with their parents in prison, or yesterday’s announcement that air conditioners, bookshelves and other heavy items must be left behind when they leave, or the previous day’s announcement that the containers with their possessions will be sent to one place while the owners will be in another, and that there will be no schools, health services or other social services?

· Why the rush? Why not prepare decent housing and services ahead of time? Even the cows on the milking farms have no where to go!

· Why did the government grant housing permits to residents of Gush Katif up until March, 2005, if they planned to destroy those homes?

· Why has the government ignored military experts who have warned that this move will only whet the appetites of terrorists?

· Why does the world community act as if there is a difference between Fatah and Hamas terrorists when they have the same goals?

· Why has Ariel Sharon been unable to provide even one logical explanation as to why he is destroying 25 productive communities and depriving thousands of people of their homes and means of earning a living?

· Why are huge detention centers being prepared surrounded with barbed wire near Ben Gurion airport? Once Gush Katif is destroyed, with its 10,000 citizens, will it be used to house the 250,000 from the Shromon?

· Why, if Ariel Sharon knew that these communities would be destroyed back in 2003, did he wait until March, 2005, to erect a caravan camp and then humiliate thousands of Jews by forcing them to scramble like desperate ants for the few hundred available units?

· Why such indifference to the pain of children who will lose their best friends, their schools, community centers and homes and the parents who will be deported to places lacking mikvas, shuls and the means to earn a livelihood and elderly grandparents left to struggle alone as they are deprived of loving relationships with their children and grandchildren who will no longer live nearby?

· Why are the designers of this devastating plan, like Shimon Peres, Dov Weisglass and Eival Giladi, all of whom stand to make millions from selling property in Gush Katif, not being indicted for conflict of interest?

· Why, when Sharon said that he would not disengage under fire, is he doing precisely that, despite over 400 terror attacks on Gush Katif in July alone?

· Why is there so little information in the mainstream media about these attacks, while we must turn to Arutz Sheva News for the truth?

· Why is Israel giving the crucial Philadelphi corridor, through which over $1 million dollars in arms is smuggled daily, over to the Egyptians, trusting them to stop the smuggling which they have encouraged so heartily?

· Why are the rights of loyal citizens being trampled, including keeping people in detention merely for planning demonstrations and holding children as young as 12 in jail and pressing false charges against people, like Shimshon Avichai Cytryn, who merely tried to defend themselves?

· Why did the Knesset allocate $7 billion for this fiasco which has left kollel families in terrible poverty, the elderly without medication, the handicapped without services, hospitals overcrowded and the school system in tatters while children roam the streets unattended and the rate of violence has soared 600%?

· Why is Israel, a once proud country known for its dedication to its citizens, which miraculously defeated its enemies in 5 wars and throughout endless years of terror, now bent on its own destruction?

· Why is the world silent?

Dr. Miriam Adahan is a psychologist, therapist, prolific author and founder of EMETT ("Emotional Maturity Established Through Torah") - a network of self-help groups dedicated to personal growth. She lives in Jerusalem, and has recently written on the struggles of life in the terror-beset land