Friday, August 19, 2005

Speak out for the Gush Culture... (vlog22)

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(click) The above movie (from may seem unrelated - but it's not. This BEAUTIFUL CULTURE is who was uprooted and their DIRT-to-PARADISE land handed over to a terrorist culture. See the connection?

My wife's comment when I told her about the planned (and foiled) double suicide bombing attack to the heart of the Gush Katif amputation-process that is now almost complete:

"It just doesn't make sense! And it doesn't make sense that people try and MAKE IT make sense! It's just insanity!" - Michelle Chaffer

And for the religiously minded among you... please don't be like the christians of Germany in in the early and mid '30s - as Hitler was rising to popularity - who said nothing, did nothing and even TALKED DOWN those who hollered about hitler. Just don't. Be proactive instead. You can start by caring for people in the news more... all people... not just the terrorists.

Here's that brief on the attempted suicide-bombing attack (a second article summarizing this insanity follows):

Islamic Jihad Suicide Attack Thwarted in the Gush

A major terror attack was thwarted Wednesday when Israeli security forces found an explosive belt weighing eight kilograms in the Muwassi enclave in Gush Katif, a village of Bedouins originally from Sinai who work in settler greenhouses. The Islamic Jihad plot called for two suicide bombers to dress up as IDF soldiers and detonate in the midst of the evacuations. Ten Palestinians suspected of belonging to the terror cell were arrested, including two who were to act as suicide bombers, army officials said, according to Ynet.

- - - - - end article

Can ya freakin' believe it? Palestinian Authority and connected organizations are EXTREME TERRORISTS - admit it - or lose your planet to a growing cancer called Wahhabi-inspired Jihadism).

And here's how George W. Bush, Condy Rice and Ariel Sharon reward people for that kind of heinous terrorism -

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: "Jubilant Terrorist Groups Celebrate Israeli Retreat
19:53 Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765
By Ezra HaLevi

Terrorist groups are all celebrating the implementation of the Disengagement Plan, insisting that their terror attacks brought about the Israeli retreat and will bring about additional pullbacks.

According to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S) many celebrations of Israeli retreat are being organized by the Palestinian Authority, but numerous terror organizations are holding their own, separate celebrations.

According to the report, the terror groups are awarding themselves and their terrorist activities the prize for having brought about the evacuation of the Israeli settlements.

The report says that while PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is speaking about further withdrawals through negotiations, both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are reiterating that they have no intention of disarming, that their weapons are legal and that they intend to continue armed attacks until the total "liberation" of all Palestine. (translation: until the genocide of the Jews in Israel)

“We have no choice but to prepare for new rounds of the confrontation to liberate our lands and take back our Jerusalem and our rights,” Hamas chief Khaled Mashal said in an interview broadcast by Al-Aalam TV on Monday. Speaking to the London-based al-Hayat newspaper, Mashaal said the withdrawal is “the beginning of the... "

- - - - - end article (cut short, actually)

So what do you do about all this? Freak out?


Speak out.