Monday, September 12, 2005

Friend of Israel, Arise! (vlog33)

Friend of Israel, Arise! h.264 video (Quicktime 7) and
Friend of Israel, Arise! podcast audio

Heard Sondra Oster Baras of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities She's the diminuitive lady who runs a humble (but highly productive) ministry to encourage Christians of the world to support Jews in Israel who are literally fighting for their lives.

Wasn't WWII enough?

I want to be involved however I can in what God is doing in Israel. Why? Because I believe in the government of Israel? Well, no. But because I believe in the GOD of Israel!

And I have to wonder how long it will take true Christians who have put their faith in a Jewish Messiah ("King of the Jews" in fact) and in a Jewish book (yes, Jews wrote the New Testament as well as the Old) to look up God's dream - called "Zion" - in that book and truly align themselves with Yahweh's vision for our planet?

Christianity springs up OUT of the faith of the Hebrews... not in SPITE of the 10 commandments! Although Yeshua most perfectly represented what the Bible of Jews and Christians really says (Hebrews 1:1-3), the whole Bible is true. So we need to ask "What Did Jesus Believe?" And study it in that light!

"Zion." Look it up. I count 137 verses that reference it. Am I wrong? What do those 137 verses tell us? Is Yeshua coming back to rule and reign for a thousand years? Or more!?

And if we emulate Paul (1st Thessalonians 2), we would give up our salvation and go to hell if our "brothers" in the roots of our faith could be saved (Romans 9:3)!

So give it a look see, if you would like to know the key to the mystery of the Universe.

And lend a hand to those in Israel who are peacefully preserving and beautifying the LAND of Israel - Eretz Y'Israel - a key to God's passion!