Saturday, September 3, 2005

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My good friend, Tom Celli, wrote and edited tonight's song for America, A Little More Relief. His brand new vlog is at Check it out.

ACTION: We want to do our part - so here are some people helping us to do it. Give a look at the following instead, if you want to spend your money... or sweat... wisely.

Samaritan's Purse - Samaritan's Purse volunteer crews are cleaning debris and patching roofs for victims of hurricane Katrina. Samaritan's Purse staff and volunteers are clearing debris and repairing roofs in low-income neighborhoods in southwestern Alabama, which was battered by high winds, torrential rains, and massive flooding. We also are sending one of our Disaster Relief Units to Biloxi, Mississippi, an area hit particularly hard by the storm. Working with local churches, crews will determine where best to work to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, particularly the poor and elderly.

Life Today
- Five trucks are en route to Mississippi with drinking water, food, generators and other critically needed items. James Robison and other ministry representatives will arrive on the scene Saturday. One of our ministry’s board members is a pastor in Picayune, Mississippi. The eye of the storm passed directly over his town, leaving devastation. They, along with others across the gulf coast, need our immediate help. We are now assembling several shipments of food, water and other supplies. But in the coming days and weeks there is so much more to do. I ask you to join us in the effort to provide hope and life.

Convoy of Hope - the Assemblies of God-related relief agency has been loading food and ice water aid into trucks and planning routes to reach the affected areas. Convoy of Hope Disaster Response Teams have established a distribution point in Picayune, Miss. and are traveling further into the affected areas to establish additional locations.

The Salvation Army - Emergency disaster Services teams have the capability of serving thousands. In Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, it will be helping in the post storm efforts. Each MFU can feed 5,000 meals per day, while the mobile kitchens can provide up to 20,000 meals daily. In addition to food, clean-up kits, drinking water, shower units and first aid supplies will be provided. If necessary, another 200 MFU's and 125 disaster response vehicles will be ready to respond throughout the Southeast.

Mission Aviation Fellowship - MAF is responding to Katrina - “We are transferring our experience from our tsunami relief work in Indonesia and years of medical evacuations from the bush and remote areas to help our brothers and sisters in need. We are formulating our plans as we go. Please join me in prayer for the victims of Katrina.” - Kevin Swanson, President

Habitat for Humanity - The situation on the Gulf Coast is grave. Reports of devastation are staggering. Thousands of families are left homeless or with homes that are severely damaged. Katrina was nothing short of catastrophic--especially for families in low-income housing and mobile home parks. In a disaster like this, families who were hanging on by a thread before the hurricane will sadly suffer the most in its aftermath. They have lost so much. We must help them piece their lives back together.

Southern Baptist Convention
- The SBC Disaster Relief agency is also providing aid. Its centralized operations began to operate on Sunday morning. "As the magnitude of this tragedy along the Gulf Coast unfolds, no words can adequately convey the dismay and grief we feel at the extraordinary loss of so much by so many," said Chapman, head of SBC.