Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Bite of the Apple... 2004

RANDOM Inspirations while watching Apple Macworld Keynote on 010604....

Hey, everyone... this is a running commentary on a live stream from the San Francisco, 2004 Macworld Keynote by good ol' (old?) Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc.

Kinda diffrent, I know... but isn't that what blogs are for?

Remember how the Apple Mac came out in 1984? There was a once seen (at the 1984 Super Bowl), yet highly lauded commercial announcing it... I got to see it for the first time today - it made me whoop out loud!

Synopsis: In a grey world of slaves and masters, one free woman, dressed in color and wielding a sledge hammer, runs upstream the shuffling masses into a huge television viewing room. Mindless numbers of new world order faithful are watching, mouths agape, the man-in-charge as he preaches the endless benefits of subservience. Although a row of armed meanies are in hot pursuit, our heroine has ample time to "hammer-throw" the sledge across the room and into the slobbering madman's image... exploding the screen with satisfying justice. The tag line follows: "In 1984, Apple introduces the Macintosh... and you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984."

Maybe... with your PC you could change the world with your unique take... but you could more likely do it if you sell that ol' stinky thing and buy a Mac!

Audiobooks - you can download and listen on the go to ANY well-penned hyperbole! And classics are still being written today - make your own by becoming a writer yourself! Then read to yourself... and record it on your Mac! And it's not just at Apple.com that you can download (and read)... Project Gutenberg is kickin tha fat collection, too.

3 terrabytes of storage for 10 grand ... all raid connected... I could serve quality, original, digital video content to the world via my (extremely fat) home network! (Remember Max Headroom?) Upgrade Final Cut Express to 2.0 for only 100 bucks! Have most of the editing power of Final Cut Pro for a 1/3rd of the cost!

As John Meyer... gutiarist of genuine musical integrity and excellence... is playing live into new recording software, "Garage Band," with loops by players of the famous Motown rhythm section, the infamous Funk Brothers... perhaps the one MOST EXPLOITED GROUP OF MUSICIANS IN HISTORY... Steve, who was visibly emotional as he tenderly thanked the great audience of Macworld SF 2004 for the amazing response to the online iTunes store (projected 500 million songs sold in one year)... has done his part to insure musicians of the future aren't so highly exploited. Thank YOU, Steve!

Elijah Wood (of LOTR fame)(and who, I shamelessly admit, is half of my new son Elijah's namesake... the biblical character being the other half!) gave a little video msg to Apple... "Thanks, everyone at Apple... because you CARE. And you're constantly working to make things better for me and for everyone else. So thank you."

And I thank God for Apple. I believe the superfantastic, ever-loving Maker now WANTS us to know more and do more for the Kingdom of Light with tools like these. Perhaps the little company that the 2 Steves built was, after all, not so far away from the intended time and means for partaking in that "tree of the knowledge." (See Genesis 2:17)