Thursday, January 15, 2004

Needed Criticism

Everybody hates a critic... especially when it's some nagging, self-important person who thinks she or he has every right to alter your life (on a whim) to fit their foreign opinions and mandates!

You probably know this already, but it's really important for that you take charge over your earholes and judge righteously - especially over what's entering your own heart - or has some immediate bearing on your family or friends. Somebody might be ... well, somebody like the aforementioned nagging, self-important critic (!) might be telling you some pretty crazy stuff!

And it's up to YOU to be ... the critic! Criticize that criticism! Ponder those words as they pummel you with their unwanted, mostly-harmful concepts! And go right ahead and size up the sizer-upper while you're at it! Take a big step back from the verbal assault, take a big breath of fresh air into your beautiful pink lungs, and calmly fold your arms and picture the thought-bubbles over your head pushing away the talk-bubbles of the noise-maker...

"Hm..." (Things that make ya go, Hm, huh?)

"Could it be that this person has no clue what I'm about?"

"Could it be that this person doesn't really CARE what I'm about?"

"I love this person for her/his intrinsic value and all... but... Do I REALLY need to stand here and listen to this mindless drivel?"

"I sure am hungry for some fresh cucumber sauce on a toasted Gyro sandwich!"

Then go to it. Look at your watch and exclaim excitedly (with a huge smile on your face - but don't laugh... that might hurt their feelings!),

"Would ya LOOK at the time! Hey! I've got this REALLY important date (with a sandwich)! I gotta go now! Bye."

Do NOT allow the words to be disconnected - do not wait for an answer - and do not stop after you turn on your heel to hit the road!

After all...

Critics will be critics! Ha ha!

P.S. Sure, it's important to be humble... (seriously), but work out your salvation (with fear and trembling) in front of your INFINITELY LOVING, MERCIFUL, GRACIOUS, KIND, INSIGHTFUL, LISTENING and CARING HEAVENLY FATHER... not that cynical, narrow-minded, can't-stop-talking-to save-their-life, critic!

Grace for humility comes much easier with the first bite of that sandwich you're headed for!

("It's the kindness of God that leads a man to repentence." Romans 2:4)