Saturday, January 10, 2004

Wonder Way

Inspired (immensely) by Tree63's new release...

That's not the way that it came to me
it was more like a bird flying freely
not sugar and ice - not metal or it's knives
it was something far more extraordinary

Larger than the battle for nations...
It was heaven in a child's eyes
Something mysterious - something complete
It was everything You intended for me

It's that glorious glimpse of Your love
Your'e love is simply wonderful - completely unheard of
Couldn't stand to see us crawl - needed us to hear Your sweet call
And You embraced the suffering for us - it's the wonder way!

I've traded the symphony's of ancient cathedrals
I've tossed out the glamorous page
I've skipped all the lessons by the white album Beatles
for the call from You to rest from our ways

You are glory and grandeur of refreshing
You are the way of wonder burst in on me!
I was blind then I saw You and there was nothing between us!
You have found me and now I am free!


And nothing ever takes Your love away.
No paragon or clever deception...
Because Your intimate Voice is the reality I cling to
And Your light breaks in! And I begin again again and again!