Thursday, January 15, 2004

Work and the Dream

If you're anything like me you struggle with celebrating the conundrum: I love to live my dream but my energy is being spent paying the bills by working for someone else... how do I conserve energy and still do excellence for my associate so that I might bring home enough energy for my own pursuit?

This is the dilemma and challenge for the person whose dreams are not (yet!) in the stage of being either self-supplying or provided for by some benevolent soul.

Be patient, Toma... breathe!

Trust every moment... don't be anxious about the creative "spark"... it's not a spark... it's an ever-flowing fountain.

Believe that the Giver doesn't hold back any good thing from them that walk uprightly... leaning upon His uprightness for the task.

That's all... just a note to self... latch on to it, if you will.

Peace. Dream.