Monday, January 26, 2004

Love, Revelation and More Love

It's the divine cycle of the Bridegroom to His royal Bride...

He loves her... she responds to His love.
He reveals His glorious secrets to her... she learns new facets of His grandeur.
He loves her some more... she responds with continued ardent affection.

I address myself to the most divine Being, Yeshua, in whom all perfection and beauty are made whole and expressed, and I offer Him my deepest dreams.

My trust in Him is paramount... knowledge builds structure, but love in trust... fills the house with beauty... His kindness and affection being the most beautiful in the universe.

My trust in and love for Him is the foundation of all wholeness in my life... because He is the Creator of all life - both the seen (natural) and the unseen (spiritual) - He alone can fill any void in me.

Wholeness supreme!

I'm just letting you in on this event tonight... it's supremely personal and offered in simplicity. I hope to reflect in the words the deep longing in my heart for His delight.

And, yet... the way He is... ? He delights in me first! And any longing of my own is, most absolutely, a result of that focused passion rather than self-initiated.